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Driving performance and sustainability to push ahead in a crowded and competitive market

Competition continues to increase in an already saturated market, driving product development and diversification in portfolios, and manufacturers are continuing efforts to meet with downstream demand for sustainability and visibility.

The 5th ICIS European Surfactants Conference will answer the following questions and many more:

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The speaker program will address "Driving performance and sustainability to push ahead in a crowded and competitive market".

Conference Day 1: Thursday 15 September

Registration and refreshments
Chair’s opening remarks
Neil A Burns, Managing Partner, NEIL A BURNS LLC
Brexit's effect on the surfactant supply chain: a distributor's perspective
  • Brief overview of UK surfactant and key end product industries
  • Routes to market and the 'distribution' phenomenon
  • Key factors for market development and the 'Brexit' effect
  • How the industry can adapt to the changed landscape and prepare for future shocks
Dr Evripidis Lampadarios, Business Manager Europe & Middle East and Lecturer, White Sea and Baltic Co Ltd - Leeds Beckett University
Analysing the impacts of crude oil volatility
  • Impacts on the interplay between oleochemical and petrochemical routes
  • How will crude oil trends continue to impact the surfactants value chain?
    • Feedstocks
    • New technologies
  • Highlighting the effects of raw material volatility in the supplier/buyer relationship
Eric Hudson, Managing Consultant, NEXANT
Morning refreshments and networking break

European market development: technological drivers and trends
  • Mapping demand for surfactants by application
  • Key market drivers
    • Product cost and effectiveness
    • Economics and the price of oil
    • Regulations: REACH, BPC, EU Detergent Regs, OSPAR Regs, etc
    • Sustainability and environmental issues
  • Sourcing surfactants: Product consistency and their security of supply
  • Future trends: opportunities for new technology
Peter Smallwood, Director, CHEMICAL ASSOCIATES
Results of the surfactants survey
Feedstock volatility: focus on ethylene oxide (EO)
  • Understanding the factors behind recent market volatility
  • Impact of oil pricing on ethylene and EO economics
  • Outlook for EO supply
Moritz Lank, Market Analyst, ICIS
Lunch and networking break

Impact of European chemicals regulations on the surfactants value chain
Alex Paul, Managing Regulatory Consultant, THE REACH CENTRE
RSPO: the increasing importance of visibility
  • What is RSPO, and how is it organised?
  • Keeping up with increasing emphasis on sustainability
    • What measures can be taken to satisfy customers?
  • SG vs MB (segregation vs mass balance)
Inke van der Sluijs, Technical Manager Europe, ROUNDTABLE ON SUSTAINABLE PALM OIL
Coconut Derivatives and Fair Trade for Stakeholders
Sri Artham, VP Consumer Packaged Goods, Fair Trade USA
Afternoon refreshments and networking break

Global LAB supply: focus on the Middle East
  • Update on projects and market dynamics
  • How will increasing supply in the Middle East impact the global market?
  • Challenges facing LAB and downstream surfactants supply chain
  • Outlook for industry growth, drivers, deterrents and trade flow expectations
Peri Yanayaham M, Director Marketing and Strategic Planning, FARABI PETROCHEMICALS
Highlighting demand trends in personal care markets
  • Insight into consumer demand and trends towards gentler chemicals
  • How important is sustainability to the consumer?
  • Where are the areas of growth and new opportunities?
Frederic Niola, Raw Materials Commodities Director, L'OREAL
Chair’s closing remarks

Conference Day 2: Friday 16 September

Chair’s opening remarks
Innovation in Surfactants and Routes to Market
The competitive landscape in Household CPG products and how suppliers can respond
Olivier Chevalier, Category Development Leader - Laundry Detergents / Auto-Dish Liquids & Ancillaries, MCBRIDE
Maintaining performance whilst driving sustainability
  • Producing sustainable products that don’t fall short on performance
  • How important is sustainability to consumers vs performance?
  • Performance comparison of sustainable products
Laura Wolak, Product Manager, DOW CHEMICAL
Morning refreshments and networking break

Industrial Biotech - Impacting the surfactant value chain
  • Brief history of industrial biotech
  • Gingko Bioworks role in the development of the field 
  • Outlook and vision for bio-driven surfactant value chain
Jess Leber, Ginkgo Bioworks
Sustainable and Deforestation-Free Supply Chains for Bio-Based Surfactants
Norbert Schmitz, Managing Director, ISCC
The Drive for Innovation in Sustainable Supply Chains
Chris Sayner, Vice President Customer Alliances, Corporate Sustainability, CRODA
Chair’s closing remarks

The ICIS European Surfactants conference agenda annually features a cutting edge speaker line-up of senior industry experts from the highest profile companies in the world.

The 2016 speaker line-up includes:

Sri Artham
VP Consumer Packaged Goods
Fair Trade USA
Neil A Burns (chair)
Managing Partner
Neil A Burns (chair)
Managing Partner
Eric Hudson
Managing Consultant
Another gem in series of successful conference by ICIS
Director, Unilink Chemicals PVT Ltd
Comprehensive overview of surfactant markets, applications and supply chains.
Senior R & D Scientist Urethane, Ele’/Petron
High value, diversity of subjects, great talk!
Raw Materials Purchasing Director - Commodities, L’Oreal
An occasion to have an organic view to the surfactant sector
Post Doctorate Researcher, University College Dublin
Great to understand market drivers in HPCII.
Senior Scientist, Solvay Solutions
General opinions from producer to end-user on state of European surfactant market.
Head of Business Management, Surfachem
Good coverage over a very diverse business area
Managing Consultant, Nexant
Interesting congress on surfactant (supply chain).
Sub Business Unit Manager, KAO Chemicals GmbH
Good information, market update.
Chairman & CEO, 2M Holdings Ltd
The must go conference for surfactants stakeholders in Europe
Industry Manager, Kline
A lot of new information.
Development Engineer, Unger
It’s been a conference which covered a very broad range of relevant topics
Business Director, Jiahua Chemicals
Very knowledgeable for who is new in the industry of surfactants.
Sourcing Manager – Functional Additives, FMC (Cheminova)
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