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ICIS Surfactants Conferences

The 3rd ICIS European
Surfactants Conference

4th – 5th September 2014
Westin Grand Berlin, Germany


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The 4th ICIS Asian
Surfactants Conference

13th – 14th November 2014
Pan Pacific, Singapore


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The 5th ICIS World
Surfactants Conference

May 2015
New Jersey, USA

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Attendee feedback from recent ICIS Surfactants Conferences

  • Wealth of information.
    Peter Holda, Senior Manager, SABIC
  • Very informative and relevant to the industry
    Minerva Damgaard, Senior Account Manager, Unger
  • A top source of surfactant industry news and technology
    Eric Rhozik, Technical Director, Cedar Concepts Corporation
  • Good overview of current market and future technology. 
    Ken Schoene, Consultant, Helm
  • Very good conference, perfectly organised as usual.
    Nikola Matic, Industry Manager, Kline & Company
  • It delivered beyond my expectations. I was quite impressed with the quality of the speakers and information
    Caren Dres-Hajeski, Marketing Director, Lipo Chemicals
  • Good topics given by knowledgeable people and very good networking opportunities
    James Bowers, Senior Tech Service Rep, Mead Westvaco Corp (MWV)
  • Compact, efficient, effective events.
    Gary Juncosa, Exec VP Chemicals, LS9
  • A very nice combination of technical and commercial presentations on historical and new technology and trends.
    Paul Gaines, Director of Marketing, Lambent Technologies
  • The conference was a great mix of key topics driving our industry today
    Richard Buoni, VP – Chemicals Practice, Kline & Company
  • Excellent blend of economics, technology and applications! 
    Frank Womack, Global Business Manager, Air Products & Chemicals Inc
  • The ICIS World Surfactants conference is a succinct summation of the current economies, consumer feelings, and technology in our industry
    Adam M Johns, Sr Research Chemist, Materia
  • Excellent update on the market and technology!
    Frank Womack, Global Business Manager, Air Products and Chemicals
  • Capture the value and supply chain of Asian Surfactant Industry concisely. 
    H Calvin Chiu, Director, Home & Personal Care, Americas, Huntsman
  • ICIS Asian surfactants conference is a great opportunity to meet leaders of industry at one place
    Amitabh Nagori, CEO, Universal Drugs & Chemicals
  • Comfortable atmosphere and valuable info.
    Nguyen Hong Nam, Logistics Executive, Nikko Chemicals
  • Worth the time and effort.
    S Hari, Vice President, VVF Singapore
  • Foundation in industry and niche presentations
    Stuart Harris, Asset Mgr Alkoxylatcon, Huntsman
  • Comprehensive and complete for surfactants updates covering raw material difficult production logistics.
    Irshad Zaheer Syed, Researcher, SABIC
  • Definitely great for latest updates and awesome networking
    N G Ghim Eng, Manager Executive Dept, Grandee Biotechnologies
  • High quality presentation that improved my broad knowledge of natural products, surfactants and regional trends
    Craig Latiolais, Global Sales Manager, ExxonMobil Chemical
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